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Blitzen booties

If you are looking for great fitting booties that stay put on the feet of your baby, or on your girl’s feet or on your feet, or on your husband’s feet, the blitzen booties are what you are looking for. The Blitzen Booties* by Peek-a-Boo Patterns come in sizes 0 until 13 (European sizes 15 until 47). They are a great gift for Christmas for the whole family!


Our girl is unable to keep her socks on, during summer and fall it wasn’t that such a problem, however now that winter has arrived, bare feet are a bit cold. The tester call for these blitzen booties came just at the right time. And these booties stay on!

These booties are perfect for scraps. I used knit leftovers from this dress for the outside and I used fleece that I used for this stuffed toy for the inside of the booties. For the soles you can use toughtek or other antislip material if the person who is using them is actually walking. Our little girl doesn’t, so I just used the same material for the sole as the outside of the booties. It is a rather quick sewing project, it took me about 1,5 hours for one pair.
Of course just one pair wasn’t enough so I made another pair, this time with elastic in the heel of the bootie. This time I used leftover knit from this t-shirt for the outside and leftover fleece from this sweater for the inside. With the elastic they fit just perfectly and still stay put. I used kam snaps to close the booties, but you can also use velcro. We love the booties and she wears them every day and has nice warm feet.
Fabric: Leftover knit from several projects for the outside and fleece for the inside.
Fabric in 2018: this week 2 in – 4 out (2018: bought 61 – used 88 fabric – used 4 gifted fabric – used 27 scrap pieces of fabric) – in total 61 in 119 out
* Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase an item, I will receive an affiliate commission, the price for you will be the same. Thank you for supporting my fabric and pattern addiction!

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  1. oh die lijken me inderdaad ook wel tof als geschenkje (of gewoon voor mezelf), voor mezelf maakte ik ook al homesocks onlangs, iets minder gesofisticeerd maar ook wel tof nu het winter is


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