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Asymmetrical Floreat top

I love asymmetrical patterns. Once I see one I just have to buy it. When I saw the Floreat by Megan Nielsen I just had to apply for the pattern test, I love the asymmetry in the pattern.

Floreat top by Megan Nielsen

Floreat is an asymmetrical dress or blouse that can be made from woven or knit fabrics. It has inseam pockets as well as multiple sleeve and hem lengths. There are four different options in the pattern: a long sleeve dress with waist ties, a long sleeve blouse (this is the option I made), a short sleeved cropped blouse and a sleeveless blouse or dress.options+floreat.png

I made option B in knit fabric, so the back is just one piece without the hook and eye. I love the versatility of the pattern. You can just buy one pattern and make so many different garments from it, both in woven and in knit fabric. The fit is spot on and I love the drape of the t-shirt, especially with a post partum belly it is great. The t-shirt is nice and flowy on the front and the asymmetrical hem just add that something extra.

You know I love colour blocking, so I decided to add a little colour block to the Floreat. I added a small stripe of fabric at the back of the t-shirt, which gives it a nice pop of colour. I am very happy with the result!


Fabric: let’s circle around jersey copper by chat chocolat that I bought at Stoffenfeest during a sale
Pattern: Floreat by Megan Nielsen Patterns

Fabric in 2018: this week in 0 – 2 out (2018: bought 59 – used 76 fabric – used 4 gifted fabric – used 18 scrap pieces of fabric) – in total 59 in 98 out

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