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Baby cuddling with the skin to skin top

Our baby girl likes to be cuddled and likes to be close to mommy during the evenings. This means that usually she is wrapped around me in a baby carrier. Then I saw a tester call for the skin to skin top by Eldenberry Blossoms. I was very intrigued to see how that would work so I signed up and was chosen to test!
Skin to skin top by Eldenberry Blossoms
The idea behind the skin-to-skin top is that there are many benefits for the baby when they receive skin to skin contact. Of course our girl is not a newborn anymore, but this top still works great. I put her in and just like a carrier she is close to me. The top holds her tight to me. This top does not replace a baby carrier as you still need to hold the baby but it works great if you are sitting on the couch.

I used punta di roma for the top, which has a great recovery and holds the baby well. You can also make it in knit or jersey. What is important when choosing the fabric is that it has great recovery. I made the basic top but there are many more options, such as a hood, thumbhole cuffs and a pocket you can add. It is on sale until November 7th.

Fabric: punta di roma. I bought the black punta at megastoffen, the yellow punta comes from Petite Couture.
Fabric in 2018: this week in 5 – 2 out (2018: bought 59 – used 74 fabric – used 4 gifted fabric – used 18 scrap pieces of fabric) – in total 59 in 96 out (I went to my fabric store in Italy and bought 5 pieces of fabric).

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