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Jungle tilt dress

What do you think of international patterns? Already some time ago I became part of the International Knit Sew-a-Longs Facebook group. A very inspirational group with just international sewing patterns. One of the often referred to site is a great German site: Makerist (they also have an English site, however only the English patterns are on the English site), with lots of German patterns. The Tilt by Kleiner Polli-Klecks is one of those German patterns. When I saw the Tilt I just loved it! You know me, colour blocking and all!

The Tilt is a pattern for a t-shirt and a dress. It starts at 86 and goes up to 128 (these all refer to the length of your kid in cm).
Some people are a bit scared for sewing with German patterns. You really shouldn’t, Google translate really helps and this pattern has great photos, as a visual person that makes things much easier. I used this list for the translation of German sewing terms to English sewing words. Google translate does not always gives you a translation you can work with.
Our girl loves this dress and so do I. It is just so handy with the elastic inside and easy to put on and off. The pattern has lots of suggestions for hacking or changing the pattern, just as with the piece of fabric I added between the colour block pieces. Very inspirational all those suggestions!


Adaptations I made: I added the colour blocking to the shoulders because my piece of fabric was too short. On both the front and back I added a small piece of the green heart fabric. Additionally, in the pattern the triangular piece of colour blocking is originally only on the front, I copied the colour block also to the back pattern piece.


Fabric: Deep in the Jungle by Lillestoff and Zebra Skin Tricot Geel by Megan Blue bought at stoffenstraat
Pattern: Tilt by Kleiner Polli-Klecks

Fabric in 2018: this week in 0 – 3 out (2018: bought 36 – used 59 fabric – used 3 gifted fabric – used 14 scrap pieces of fabric) – in total 36 in 76 out 

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