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Biker Coverall with snaps

I think almost everybody recognizes the distinct collar of the Biker jacket, sweater and coverall by MW Patterns*. I love that collar! When I had the opportunity to sew the Biker coverall I jumped on that opportunity. I like coveralls, but only for kids when they are small and are not potty trained yet. Once they get older I do not find coveralls too handy anymore. Luckily I have a newborn, born a couple of weeks ago, to sew a coverall for!


The Biker Coverall comes in a wide range of sizes, 56 until 110. These are European sizes, which means the size corresponds to the length of the kid. The smallest size is for a baby with the length of 56 cm. Our baby is small and is still wearing 50. Nevertheless, I sewed the 56 so that she can grow into it the coming weeks/months. Small kids already outgrow their clothes so soon, so hopefully she can wear it for a longer time. As you can see it is still big on her. Additionally, the coverall has a relaxed fit so you can easily put something underneath to make it warmer during colder seasons. I would also think you can easily make the coverall in a thinker fabric due to the relaxed fit.


Adaptations I made: Originally the coverall only has a zipper. However, my husband really dislikes one piece rompers that do not have snaps between the legs, especially for the small ones. Because it means that you basically have to undress the baby ever time you change their diaper, which is very often when they are small. Therefore I decided to add snaps to the coverall and added a separating zipper. Additionally I added two strips of fabric between the zipper and the front pattern pieces to give it a nice pop of color. I love the result.


I used the same method for adding snaps that I used for this romper, which means adding two snap plackets to the coverall and adding the snaps on the plackets. This method is also handy because you do not need the change much of the existing pattern.

Fabric: Buck Forest Mist by Bonnie Christine that has been in my stash for a long time
Pattern: Biker coverall by MW Patterns
Fabric in 2018: this week in 0 – 2 out (2018: bought 36 – used 56 fabric – used 2 gifted fabric – used 12 scrap pieces of fabric) – in total 36 in 70 out 

* Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links”. This means if you click on the link and purchase an item, I will receive an affiliate commission, the price for you will be the same. Thank you for supporting my fabric and pattern addiction

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