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Jalie’s Tessa (ballet dress)

Our eldest girl loves to dance and sing all day long. So a couple of years ago we started with dance lessons. I couldn’t find a ballet suit with a short skirt (I am not in any way specific), so I decided to make one myself. Since that was already more than 1,5 years ago it was time to make a new one.


I have always been intrigued by the patterns by Jalie. If you are like me, who loves sports clothing, patterns by Jalie look awesome. However, how many ballet suits, skating dresses and other sports clothing do you need? Well, not so many that you can regularly buy patterns from Jalie. The best part about Jalie patterns is that once you buy a pattern the size ranges from children to adult sizes, all in one pattern. So either you can sew a pattern throughout the whole life of your children, or you can create a mommy and me outfit with the same pattern!


For this ballet suit I used the Tessa (3891, which is part of the 14 (!) new released patterns). It is a skating/ gymnastics type of leotard that can be made with or without a skirt. I of course went for the leotard with the skirt! This time I even went all the way by adding golden fabric (lycra) to the leotard. You can imagine how our girl responded to that. That golden fabric, wow, is it so beautiful! And my husband and our daughter especially love that extra piece of gold in the neckline, which gives the illusion of a v-neck. You can also use a transparent type of fabric for this triangular piece (or leave it out if you like).


At first I was a bit scared of sewing the Tessa together, but that was not necessary at all. It was the first time for me to sew in elastic in a leotard and it turned out pretty easy. I think it creates a very clean and nice look and I will definitely be using this technique more often.

Fabric: Pink tricot: Half circles from Let’s circle around by Chat Chocolat which I bought during a sale at Stoffenfeest. The golden lycra comes from Caresstoffen.
Pattern: Tessa (Jalie 3891) by Jalie

Fabric in 2018: this week 4 in – 2 out (2018: bought 26 – used 31 fabric – used 1 gifted fabric – used 3 scrap pieces of fabric) – in total 26 in 35 out

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