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A colourblock BeeStyle

I love colour blocking, I think everybody knows that by now. And I love bold colour combinations. This t-shirt is the perfect example of that. I got to know this pattern through her of course (Inspinration). You can see she also made two bold versions of this pattern.
BeeStlye by BeeKiddi
It is a German pattern, BeeStyle, with great colour blocking potential. It has many different options: different hoods, a collar, two different types of pockets (she of course added a pocket), a regular and a tunic length and you can add a thumbhole cuffs. It is the perfect pattern for a sweater but can also be used to sew a t-shirt. Although the instructions are in German every step is accompanied with a photo and since I am a visual person, I mainly needed the photos to sew the t-shirt. I did not have any problems with assembling the pattern.
Our girl loves thumbhole cuffs ever since I sewed this t-shirt. So I added the option to this shirt. I love the way these thumbholes are made, it looked a bit complicated at first, but when I just followed the instructions, all went well. The pattern is available in European sizes 74 (which is for height 74 cm, which is in US sizing 9-12M) until 170 (for 170 cm height, which in US sizing is >14Y).
Fabric: Princess castle by Lillestoff, the pink stripes come from Hoofs in Den Bosch, de orange strips are from my fabric outlet in Italy and the green flowers come from
PatternBeeStyle by BeeKiddi

Fabric in 2018: this week 0 in – 4 out (2018: bought 17 – used 18 fabric – used 1 gifted fabric – used 2 scrap pieces of fabric) – in total 17 in 21 out 

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