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Regina Tunic and Dress release by Sofilantjes

A royal tunic and dress, isn’t that what all girls want? Be a princes or a queen? Our girl definitely always wants to be royal! And with this queen’s (=regina) tunic and dress (English)* (link naar Nederlands patroon), that is what you a get, a royal garment.

Regina tunic by Sofilantjes

Patterns by Sofilantjes are always a hit in our household and so was this tunic. She wore it straight away until it had to be washed. The Regina tunic has several options, it has beautiful pleated sleeves or you can make regular sleeves (short or long), it has a pleated skirt (tunic and dress length) or a gathered circle skirt. If you think a circle skirt could twirl, I believe a gathered circle skirt can twirl even better! You can even combine the skirts of the Regina for the Solis, Montis and Litore dresses and of course also use the skirts of these dresses for the Regina bodice, great isn’t it?! I love that you can combine the different parts of the Sofilantjes patterns with each other.


I made the pleated tunic with the pleated sleeves. These pleated sleeves are definitely the eyecather of this tunic and dress, they look royal for sure. I am into tunics these last days as they are perfect on top of trousers and our girl still feels she is wearing a dress in which she can dance. Perfect compromise! Additionally, the front and back for this dress are the same so it has a nice slightly wider neckline. Anne from Sofilantjes comes up with something new every time. It is always great to be part of this testing process. So get the pattern while it is on sale for €5 excl tax until Monday midnight. If you have not bought the Regem (=King) t-shirt there is a King and Queen bundle (Koningskoppel bundel) sale as well. This is your chance!


This time I let our girl choose the fabric, as the last couple of times she did not like the things I made her that much, I am hoping to create more commitment by letting her choose the fabric. She chose this fish fabric, which she finds very funny because of the mustached fish. I think this fabric is one of my first buys, more than 3 years ago. So letting our daughter choose also helps in picking older fabric. A great way to diminish my stash.

One last thing, if you have decided to buy the Regina tunic and dress you can win your money back by entering the #freeRegina competition in the Sofilantjes Facebook group. Love to see your creations!

Fabric: fish fabric from Dapper stoffen bought at
Pattern: Regina Tunic and Dress (Nederlands patroon) by Sofilantjes

* Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission, the price for you will be the same. Thank you for supporting my fabric and pattern addiction!

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  1. oooh wauw, this is the first tunic version I see, but I like it and I hope your daughter will wear her tunic in the fabric of her choice a lot, because she looks good in it


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