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Firecracker (maxi) Dress

There is a new pattern in town, perfect for summer! The Firecracker Dress* by Annelaine Patterns. I made two versions during testing, one with dress length and one with maxi length. Our daughter loves the maxi dress, she feels so grown up in it. Even though I don’t own a maxi dress…
The Firecracker Cress by Annelaine Patterns (9M-14) is a dress pattern that is released for the 4th of July celebrations. Here in the Netherlands it is just a regular day. The dress is an easy sew up with a lovely back detail. The best part is that our daughter can dress herself in it. Because of the crossed straps, she can step into and out of the dress herself. She cannot put things over her own head yet. But this dress she can put on herself. Yeay for girls who want to do everything themselves!
The first dress I am showing is the final version of the pattern. I bought the fabric in Italy and when I showed it to our eldest, she didn’t like it at all. It think because of the black color. Because of the flowy nature of the fabric I thought it would be perfect for the maxi dress. My husband suggested to combine it with red fabric and I really like the combination. And so does our daughter, she is so proud that she now also has a long dress, just like the dress of a friend of hers (one of the daughters of Miranda from Inspinration).

The dress has different options, you can make it at tunic length, dress length, maxi length or with a ruffle. Use the coupon code FREEDOM2017 to get 50% until Friday July 7.

The second dress, which I sewed first, has a regular dress length. The pattern was lengthened during testing, so I added a bit of fabric at the bottom of the dress. The fabric comes from Megastoffen and I have seen it already several times. The interesting thing about this fabric is that the grain is actually not in line with the drops in the fabric. There is enough stretch in the fabric so I decided to cut the fabric across the grain.
Fabric: black fabric comes from Italy. The fabric with the drops comes from Megastoffen.
Pattern: Firecracker Dress by Annelaine Patterns.

* Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission (same price for you). Thank you for supporting my fabric and pattern addiction!

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